Solid Waste Project Experts


Cambridge’s primary focus and expertise is in the development of solid waste infrastructure projects. We serve governments, investors, developers, and facility operators.

“Solid waste infrastructure projects” is an umbrella term encompassing numerous activities from the drafting of tender documents to the Design, Build, Operate of landfills, recycling facilities, and waste-to-energy facilities. All the tools required to successfully implement these projects are within the Cambridge “Wheel House”.




More than a consulting firm.


Cambridge designs, builds, and operates solid waste facilities. The first hand experience allow us to be more than just a consulting firm for our partners and clients.


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Dumpsite Remediation

Cambridge can design and implement the necessary plan and budget to solve the complex issues related to toxic dumps. We can redesign them into modern facilities that process waste in an environmentally acceptable way or close them for good. We focus on the problems our clients face today with an eye on the future demands. This allows us to design plans than do not limit our clients options for long-term solutions.



The Cambridge team consist of experts that have actually operated and ran dozens of waste-to-energy facilities throughout North America. Not only can we design, and build these facilities we can operate them as well.


Integrated Solid Waste Systems

Integrated Solid Waste Systems (“ISWS”) are developed with every aspect of a regions solid waste taken into consideration. This begins with a thorough understanding of waste generation and collection system in place and ends with final disposal of waste.



Cambridge provides consulting services to industry stakeholders that could be looking at acquisitions, seeking to identify and correct inefficiencies, and strategic planning. Our experience as world class facility builders and operators allow us to identify the pitfalls and delays many projects face. With us you will avoid consultant “ping-pong.”


Our Founder

Leonard N. Enriquez founded Cambridge in 2001, some 18 years ago. He has consistently focused the company on solid waste sector projects in the Caribbean Basin, Latin America, and other developing regions. Leonard has an industry track record beginning in the late 1980's, including ten years (1991-2001) as a Vice President for North America with Paris-based Compagnie Générale des Eaux (now Veolia Environnement, the largest Waste Services company in the world). Throughout his solid waste sector career, Mr. Enriquez has specialized in planning, conceptual design, feasibility analysis, development, project management (through operational startup), and contractual negotiations for large-scale, capital-intensive solid waste projects.

By 1998, Veolia was operating nine (9) Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plants in North America, for whose performance optimization Mr. Enriquez was responsible.From 1998 through 2001, Mr. Enriquez coordinated the $2 Billion acquisition expansion program for Veolia in North America, increasing its presence from 400 employees and $200 Million in annual revenues to over 3,000 employees and $1 Billion in annual revenues within two years.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Masters Degree in Logistics a from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Cambridge caters to Institutional and Private investors looking to be a part of large infrastructure projects. We have also assisted many investment groups conduct due diligence efforts when looking to acquire or expand businesses in the solid waste infrastructure industry.