Project Rescue Services

We provide short or long term Project Rescue services that will quickly put your project back on track.

Our rigorous approach and deep experience in Project Management allow us to come onboard and immediately identify the causes of project delays and overruns, no matter the complexity of the project and the number of project stakeholders and participants.

We require only your authorization and sponsorship, and we do the rest.

When we arrive on the scene, the “finger pointing” stops.

The root causes of project delays and overruns are often subtle and not at all evident. For example, “scope creep” (even to a minor degree) is often the reason that a project begins to diverge from its goals.

Human nature is such that the original project managers may not at all be conscious of the moment when the project began to go astray.

Once the underlying causes of project deficiencies are fully understood, we take swift action. Sometimes a simple change in organizational structure or a straightforward refocusing (with subsequent follow up) of staff back to the project goals and key success factors is all that is required. In other instances, it may be necessary to change key players in the Project Management organization.

We stay with you until the project is securely under control, or until 100% completion is achieved.