Our Vision

Cambridge Project Development Inc. (“Cambridge”) was founded in 2001 and has since remained fiercely true to its Founding Vision:

  • Keep integrity and honesty as the absolutely essential basis of ALL our business relationships.
  • Exceed all Project Investor and other Stakeholders expectations every time: Under Budget + Ahead of Schedule + Excellent Financial Returns for Investors.
  • Keep our Partners, Investors, and Clients at the center of ALL of our efforts at all times.
  • Demystify all phases of Project Development, Consulting & Engineering, and long term Operations: Keep it As Simple As Possible (KIASAP).
  • Apply the most rigorous analytical approaches to Project Development, Consulting & Engineering, and long term Operations: This “Up Front” work pays off by clearly structuring all subsequent work and providing metrics for progress.
  • Assemble an impressive staff of Cambridge Associates with a proven track record in cost-effective, profitable, and environmentally sensitive design, development, and operations.
  • A leader must lead by example. Especially during Operations activities, never ask anyone to do a job you have not done yourself.
  • Our Founder and President will remain personally involved in every project from concept to completion.